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My Web Page Evaluation

My page matches the colour scheme and layout of the others in my section-1

The links on my page work correctly-1

My page matches my intial plan-3

The links on my page are easy to find and accessible-2

I have used suitable images on my page-1

The information I have used is suitable for my audience-2

I have included extra elements (buttons, scrolling text, roll-overs etc)-3

Overall grade for my page:2 

Other comments: I think that i could have made my page more colourful and exciting baring in mind that i am trying to attract an audience of children.

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The blog with the most hits in Shropshire

Darby’s Blog

gennny – world dominator yeah shes the quiet one at the back!!!!!

A cool blog by me


I think that this site is clearly trying to attract a very young audience. The purpose of this site is to try and get young children and their parents to learn about different subjects and appreciate CBeebies. The Question to which I have answered can be found on this site.

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